Is your school or school district involved in Professional Learning Communities (PLC)?  If so, you’ll probably want to see our suggested K-HS Physical Education Power Standards.  This document provides a grade-by-grade list of 12 student outcomes. Please feel free to share, edit, or use “as is.”

Here are a few comments from “Happy Users” – 


Dear Artie,

Thank you so much for the Power Standards!  The standards have been very helpful. My Professional Learning Community at school consists of Art, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish teachers. 


Vivian Cantor



Please send me the “Power Standards” for my classes.  My school is starting a PLC and these standards will be of great help to me.  Thank you!


 Janet White, PE Teacher, Denton ISD


Hi Artie,

I am so thrilled to be getting the Best of Great Activities book. I love it! If possible, I would love to have a copy of the “Power Standards.”  I teach in Virginia.  I am in my 26th year of teaching physical education and just received Teacher-of-The-Year at my school. No one has ever gotten it in physical education here before!  I love my job!  I love what I do!

Have a super day!

Dawna Johnson


Great Activities Newsletter is Great!  Please send me a copy of the Physical Education Power Standards.

Thank you,

Professor Linda Watson

Millikin University


Thanks!  It will help as we go through the curriculum review cycle as a sample.

Cyndee (CJ) Johnson, Elementary Physical Education Teacher, Winterquist Elementary School


Artie, please send me a copy of your new document “PE Power Standards.” I can’t wait to see what you have put together!  Thank you for all you are doing for PE teachers across this country. I look forward to hearing from you real soon.

Thank you,

Bill Williams, PE Teacher


PS: To download a copy of the “Power Standards” document, please click here. 


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