Background: I recently received two e-mails.  One was from a PE teacher in New Jersey and another from a PE teacher in Michigan.  Each ended their message with the words – “Keep up the good work!”  

And I will!



We met on a couple of occassions when you were in New Jersey. I am the coach of the “Lightning Bolts,” a demonstration jump rope team and teach at a Montessori school.

Perhaps you remember me…

In any event, I have an abridged version of the New Jersey State PE Standards which I have used over the years to check my own physical education program against.  It is about 3-4 years old. Is there anything you have done since then which is newer?  The one I have is good enough. I just wanted to be up-to-date as I am speaking at an America Montessori Conference in New Orleans about “Why PE?” and our school’s physical education curriculum.

I may use your document with your name attached, of course. I hope that is okay.  I have received permission to use it before from someone in your office.

Thanks Artie. Hope you are well. Keep up the good work!




Artie –

Would it be possible to email your activities and blog to my home address in addition to my school address?  I read your materials at work, but would also read and order from my home computer.  If this isn’t possible, then would you please email to my home address as I will miss materials during the summer months.  Thanks for all the good stuff! 

Yours in Physical  Education!  42 years and still going strong!

Wayne Schimming

PS:  My son Ryan substitutes in the Detroit School System and I told him to call you for your insight into a position in P.E.  He doesn’t make a lot of money, so I told him that I would pay for your Great Activities Newspaper subscription.  Keep up the good work!

So, how many of you know someone who has been teaching PE for more than 40 years?  I have a new hero!

— Artie

PS: Keep up the good work!


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