(Tampa, FL) – Day 3 – Eureka! Here it is… a real Cuban sandwich from Carmine’s (since 1948) in Ybor City.  It tasted as good as it looked!  

Day 3 Pictures and Stories:

carl-12The folks lined up for what seemed like miles… “I’m sure you don’t remember it, but 26 years ago I went to a meet where you were competing, and asked you for an autograph. You were busy, but you stopped what you were doing and gave it to me.” the PE teacher said. “That changed my life forever.”

‘”Wow, 26 years ago… I didn’t know I could spell back then,” he laughed as he replied. And so for about 3 hours I saw Carl Lewis sign autographs, pose to take pictures, and generally just enjoy the interaction he was having with the many admirers as they passed the Great Activities’ booth to the Hershey Track & Field Booth that was right next to ours. 





9-time Gold Medal Champion with a few of the AAHPERD Convention participants.  











Here are a few folks who came by Booth #1128:








Dave “Jugglebug” Finnegan (with scarves)







John Bennett, Past-President AAHPERD (without scarves)





Here are a few folks I visited:




Susan Pierson, MicroFit









Bonnie Hooper, Rocky Mountain Pedometers









Wendy Cooper, Healthy Highway


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