artieface25(Bruegger’s Bagels, Durham, NC) –  I’m having my “Pre-Game Meal”  at Bruegger’s.   It’s a bit of a respite from being “on the road” the majority of March (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, *India, Connecticut, and Alabama). Tomorrow I will be flying down to Tampa (via Atlanta) for the 2009 National AAHPERD Convention. While not being known as a “good traveler,” I’m actually excited  about flying down to Tampa. If you have never been to a National AAHPERD Convention, I would strongly encourage you to do so!  With such a high level of excitement and energy at these events, being there always seems to re-energize me.  

In any case, I will be providing a daily report from Booth #1128.  Stay tuned for my first day’s report!

— Artie

* PS: If you have seen the movie “Outsourced,” you know a bit of what I experienced. I was there during Holi – Festival of Colors.  Hmmm… I just came up with a new Field Day theme.


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