"Can't Be That Hard"

(Tampa, FL) – Day 2 – “How does this thing work?” I thought to myself. “Can’t be that hard. Just point and shoot? Hmmm… ”

Everyday I Learn Something new about myself. Some people learn by reading, others by doing.  Apparently, I’m a doer. I was thinking it might be a good thing to take a few pictures of the convention and post them in this blog.  However, not having the patience (or the inclination) to read instruction manuals, I often make a few mistakes along the way  (“Thumb” and “A Bit Fuzzy” are two typical examples of my learning style).

“Thumb” was the very first picture with the cool-looking Olympus camera my wife (Elizabeth) got me several weeks ago. “Read the manual,” she said. “Waste of time,” I thought to myself, but I nodded “yes” in affirmation. “He won’t read the manual,” her Eyes said back to Nod.  After 32 years of marriage, she knows better…

Okay, so I’m a PE teacher.  I learn by doing and making mistakes. Like starting new projects and stopping whenever it turns out not to be “that great of an idea after all.”

Hmmm... two happy customers"“Here’s a great book, I already have several of these.” the PE Teacher said to his colleague. “Hmm.. happy customers. Smile!” as I created another masterpiece, “A Bit Fuzzy.” Here’s the rest of my portfolio:



3-ladiesNew Jersey Boys:  If you ever get the chance, you should go to the “Lake Conference” and meet the “Jersey Boys” – Jim Ross, Chip Candy, Gregg Montgomery, John Smith, et. al.  At least that’s what John G says, but you’ll need to find out for 
yourself.  It’s set for October 2-4, 2009 (Gramercy Lake, NJ). 


North Carolina Girls:  While they were just trying to “butter up” Kymm Ballard, Richard and Art both agreed that if you want to meet the “movers and shakers” you need to check out North Carolina.  At least that’s what they said. (But Shellie and Cindy agreed!)                                                                                                              
  • Got to meet Melissa and Kaycee from AAHPERD. 
  • Still looking for the elusive “Cuban Sandwich” …




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