Background: The Carol M. White PEP Grant Newsletter is a free monthly e-zine for K-12 Physical educators.  There are four general purposes for this growing, monthly publication:

  1. To provide an active forum for sharing valuable and timely information to new and continuing Carol M. White PEP Grant-funded Project Directors, Central Office Staff and teachers.
  2. To help disseminate the “lessons learned” by PEP Grant winners to all interested Physical Education Supervisors and teachers.
  3. To encourage more schools and school districts to implement a comprehensive physical education program model as described in the Comprehensive Physical Education Profile (C-PEP) model.
  4. To recognize innovative schools and districts who are doing great things with and without PEP Grant funding.

10-mailing-list-pictYou Can Help! You can share in this mission by expanding this outreach by telling others about this new web-based resource. And we encourage you to share your own successes, programs and ideas with us. 

If you wish to subscribe to this free, monthly newsletter, please type in your e-mail on the form found on the left-hand column of our company’s website. It’s free!



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