VPESnapshotRecently I was able to spend about a week meeting face-to-face with the software development team that is finishing up work on the Virtual Physical Education Administrator. For the past 9-12 months, we have been busy building a state-of-the-art curriculum and assessment web portal for physical education teachers.  When it is completed, individual school districts (or states) interested in benchmarking specific grade-by-grade student outcomes (i.e., PE Power Standards) will be able to track and monitor all of their students from the time they enter school until they graduate.  With this new technology, physical educators will be able to:

(1) Track and monitor student progress on PE State Standards and/or locally developed benchmarks.

(2) Create and share lesson plans based on skill themes, Selectivity units and Sport Ed sport seasons.

(3) Track and monitor in-class team scores, brackets, team photos, etc.

(4) Automatically generate student and team certificates/awards.

(5) Create and share grading rubrics, curriculum maps, and district-wide exams.

(6) Generate standards-based progress reports and move towards a valid standardized grading program (i.e., not just based on dressing out) as suggested by NASPE and other physical education organizations.

(7) Create and share PowerPoint presentations (i.e., nutrition, weight management, and fitness lessons) and to store video clips of correctly performed skills and procedures (i.e., procedures for correctly putting on heart rate monitors, volleyball bump, tennis serve, etc.).

Student Fitness Profiles/Portfolios: The web portal will also be designed so that students will be able to complete individual student fitness and nutrition surveys, nutritional food analysis profiles, web based fitness and assessment records, and upload photos/video clips to each student’s “Virtual PE Portfolio.”

For More Information: Please feel free to email me at artie @ greatactivities.net if you or your school district is interested in learning more about this ambitious and worthwhile  project.


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