titleimage(Angola, IN) This week a group of K-12 teachers and higher education professionals took part in a special workshop designed to help implement Physical Education State Standards with a focus on grade-by-grade core “PE Power Standards.”  We (Artie and Patrick Conlon, President of Flat World Computing) were also able to provide a “sneak preview” of the Virtual PE Administrator to the workshop participants.

Jim CookHorse & Buggy

All of the individuals at the workshop were provided with copies of K-HS student outcomes that are aligned to NASPE, State PE Standards, and the latest obesity prevention behaviors for children and youth. These student outcomes also integrated with CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control) physical activity recommendations.

Held at the historic Potawatomi Inn in Pokagon Park, the Inn has fantastic views of Lake James as Pokagon Park contains over 707 acres along the shores of Lake James and Snow Lake.

We were also able to work with over 40 student majors representing all of the six Midwest District states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wisconsin).

Special thanks to Jim Cook and the Midwest District AAHPERD Executive Board! A great time was had by all!

To see a listing of the 2009 Midwest District State AHPERD Conventions, please click here.


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