artieface22This week we have been very busy assisting school districts and interested colleges/universities to understand the many features of the Virtual PE Administrator (more about our college/university partnerships later). Designed to help track and assess student progress on meeting specific grade level standards for physical education, the Virtual PE Administrator provides a “Physical Education Progress Report” based on their achievement on the designated core physical education standards for each grade level:

pe report

Aligned to NASPE Standards: Each of the 12 core outcomes (PE Power Standards) are aligned to NASPE and the individual state physical education curriculum.  Yesterday, I was able to provide a workshop to the Shadyside School District (Ohio) physical educators. During the rest of the school year, they will be incorporating this new way of teaching and assessing physical education within their programs.  Guided by defined grade level charts and other instructional aides, the physical education teachers will now be able to address their subject matter like other content-area teachers such as reading, writing, and math:

7th grade power standardsToday and tomorrow, we will be helping the West Fargo Public Schools’ middle school PE teachers as they begin the implementation of VPE within the school district.  In my mind, West Fargo’s success may hold the key to transforming physical education within the state of North Dakota. Several North Dakota colleges have express interest in training their PE majors in VPE, including North Dakota State University, Jamestown College, and Dickinson State University.

College/University Partners: We believe that it is vital to involve our colleges and universities!  We will only be successful if our higher ed pedagogy professors provide the leadership within each state.  After all, they provide our future teachers and in most cases, the leadership within each State AHPERD organization.  And they have the expertise!  For this reason, we will provide a free site license to pedagogy programs. For more information, please sign-up on VPE website that can be reach through our company’s website – www.greatactivities.net.

“The use of the Virtual PE Administrator is exciting on multiple levels… within our university curriculum, with K-12 schools, and helping to increase productivity of our PE majors. The ability of the software to be modified, customized, and developed as desired is awesome!”

Dr. Michael Roskamp

Grand Valley State University, Michigan

“The simplicity and flexibility of the Virtual PE Administrator can be used to help those of us in higher ed with our PETE (physical education teacher education) students.”
Dr. Melissa Parker

University of Northern Colorado


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