(Wednesday, November 11, 2009) – Today I was in Lexington, Kentucky to presenting a preThumbs Up!-convention workshop to a great group of K-12 and higher ed folks. A great time was had by all, especially me!  What was extremely interesting was the fact that the workshop was scheduled from 6:00 – 9:00 PM the night before the KAHPERD Convention actually started. Apparently, the KAHPERD Board really knows their members well!  At 10 minutes to 6:00, there were about 5 folks at the workshop.  When I asked them if they were ready to go, I got a big thumbs up so we started at 6:00 PM.

So the six of us started with my typical set of “Artie’s Ice Breakers,” the “No-Fault Zone,” “Okay Sign,” and “Scattered Square Dance” activities.  However, within minutes, a huge crowd of folks started to stream in, and we quickly had 40-50 folks that were actively involved and participating with gusto!

Perdsonal Hero

We went over the critical cues for the basic manipulative skills (throwing, catching, kicking, striking, and dribbling w/hand or foot), using HYPE (High Yield Physical Education) strategies, and did a bit of reflection on our personal heroes.  We looked at the important roles each physical education teacher has at his or her school, talked about PEP Grants, the Virtual PE Administrator, and ended up with a great group picture!

Special “thanks” to Susan Mossman, who attended the workshop just to say “hey” and thank Jim Rich, Larry McDonald, and myself for “Keeping Children First!”Happy Crowd #2

(Thursday, November 12, 2009) – This morning I did a presentation on “How to Write a Winning PEP Grant” and shared the Virtual PE Administrator to another great group of K-12 physical education teachers.  As you may know, our company has been very successful in helping folks create, design, and write PEP Grant proposal in the past.  I was especially impressed with the  immediate understanding by the entire group to use the PEP Grant funds for fundamental change in the ways we teach, assess, and grade our students in PE.  One of the participants, an elementary school principal (who was attending the convention with her PE teacher) said that their Superintendent is actively seeking this type of change within the school district.  It’s great to hear that more and more administrators are also feeling the need for a dramatic change within our nation’s PE programs!

I also bumped into Roger Washburn of Speedstacks!

SpeedstacksWell, I’m off to the airport to fly back to North Carolina.  See you at the NCAAHPERD Convention!


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