(12/3/2009) Arlington, TX –  After an absence of many years, I was finally able to make it back to a TAHPERD Convention. So far I have been able to meet-up with the following TX folks – Mario Reyna, Roy Alanez, Jim DeLine, Georgi Roberts, Rose Haggerty, Roger Rodriguez, Nora Flores, and John Krampitz!

Here are a few pictures…

(12/4/2009) Arlington, TX – Last night I was in attendance at the 5th Annual CATCH Social & Awards Presentations that honored CATCH Champions of the past and present for their untiring dedication in promoting quality physical education and healthy school programs.  It was a real deal!  I was tremendously impressed with the humble and unassuming manner each of the recipients displayed in getting their awards.  This is what I learned:

  • “Thumbs out, waterspout” are great cues to use when helping a student to learn how to jump rope (Gary Lane).
  • That every school district should have a “Virtual Cafeteria” that allows children, youth, and parents to see the nutritional value of their food choices (Rachelle Sherrin).
  • That every school board member should be challenged to take the Fitnessgram, receive the printout, and seriously re-think their part in the solution of today’s obesity epidemic (Helen Wagner).
  • That a part of the solution is having more leaders who reflect a serious commitment – less talk, more action (Susan Henderson).
  • That if every state had a person like Peter Cribb, we’d be a whole lot better off!

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