$$ Need Some Extra Money to Pay Down Your Christmas Credit Card Bill? If so, the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (OSDFS) is seeking qualified peer reviewers to read and evaluate discretionary grant proposals for the 2010 Carol M. White PEP Grant program.

I believe you’ll get about $1,000 or so if you are selected to be a grant reviewer – not bad!!!

All of the work is done off-site – in other words you can complete the work at home. In the past, they have required each reviewer to score about 10 PEP Grant applications.  While it isn’t easy work – it’s a great way to learn more about the scoring process and you’ll get an “inside view” for how the grant process works.

More PE Teachers Needed! It’s also important to have “real” physical educators involved in this process since many of the reviewers are in associated fields (i.e., public health, school nurses, safe and drug-free schools personnel) and not directly involved in the day-to-day “in-the-trenches-grind” as educators.

Other: The review process for each program is conducted electronically via the Internet, eliminating the need for any travel to Washington, D.C.  however, each peer reviewer is expected to commit approximately 35-40 hours to complete a review of applications on schedule.  Persons interested in serving as peer reviewers may apply at any time.

Application Process: If you and/or qualified colleagues recommended by you would be interested in serving as a peer reviewer, please complete the peer reviewer checklist (PDF) document and email it, along with a current resume, to osdfs@fbs-dc.com.  You are encouraged  to share this information with others that are qualified and may be interested in participating in this process.

DOE Contact: For further information about the review process or how to apply to be a peer reviewer, please contact Debbie Kalnasy at Debbie.kalnasy@ed.gov.


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