Want to Write a PEP Grant? For most people, writing a PEP Grant may be just as hard as finding the necessary information on the web.  At today’s company office meeting, we were discussing how hard it seems to be to navigate the Office of Safe & Drug-Free School’s Carol M White PEP Grant website.

First of all, most folks tend to ignore the links at the top of the page and begin reading the text that is printed below.  Like most avid readers, educators tend to begin with what they see first which is the PROGRAM DESCRIPTION and TYPES OF PROJECTS information in the the body of the webpage.  So they click and click on the two highlighted areas to no avail.  Or they click on the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools Home link and get sent back around and around looking for the correct page.

It isn’t until someone points out that the much sought after PEP Grant information is right in front of them – (“Where?” – “Right there!”) – that most folks click on the Purpose link.  And when they do, guess what? It takes them back to the same page they are on!

Boy, this is fun!

PEP Grant “Quick Links”

So, here is Artie’s set of “Quick Links” to get all of the needed PEP Grant information at your fingertips:

#1: – Frequently Asked Questions – This provides specific answers to many questions you may have.  After all, you already know that school districts can get up to $1.5 million over a 3-year period if their proposal is funded.

#2: – Copies of the 2009 Application – This is very helpful to have as it provides a general outline of what needs to be in a successful grant application.

#3 – When will the 2010 Applications Be Released? – According to information posted on the web, April 7th will be the application release date.  Due date is May 21st.

#4 – Are there Grant Writers Who Can Assist Me? – Fortunately, there are numerous PEP Grant writers.  Many companies offering PE supplies and equipment will provide free grant writing services and there are also many professional grant writers as well.

#5 – Can I See a Copy of a Winning PEP Grant? – Sure, here’s one to review.

#6 – Who is the PEP Grant Contact Person? The Office of Safe & Drug-Free Schools contact is Carlette Huntley.  Her email is Carlette.Huntley@ed.gov and her phone number is (202) 245-7871.

#7 – Any Other Tips? – One of the very best PEP Grant presentations is by Robyn Newton – a physical educator who is a PEP Grant winner herself. She has a great handout called “PEP Grant 101” that can be downloaded from the Vermont AHPERD website.


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