(January 3, 2010) Just got this press release from my Google Alert account.  It is amazing to me how quickly and easily we can get “good news” out to national and international media folks!  Newswire Today is a free service.  For those of you doing great things in your physical education programs, please consider writing a press release to highlight your program.  For example, when you have your beginning of the year “PE Open House,” write a press release!  If you are doing Project ACES in May, write a press release!  When you have your Field Day, write a press release!

Please click here to see the entire press release that I recently posted using Newswire Today.

If it’s Not Printed, It Didn’t Happen: As I always tell folks, “if it didn’t make the newspapers, it didn’t happen.”  For some reason, I prefer newspaper recognition over TV. To me, it seems that printed news tends to stay “in the system” longer and is typically picked up by other media sources more often than TV items.

Google News Archive: Another thing… I have recently discovered Google News Archive.  This is a fun search site if you are looking for older printed items (ex: old newspaper articles).  For example, if you type in “physical education,” you will be able to find articles that go back to 1890.

First “Varsity” Frisbee Game? Another example, on a recent trip to Orange-Maplewood Schools (New Jersey), I learned from Judy LoBianco that the first game of Ultimate Frisbee was played by students attending Columbia High School.  So, just to check it out… I searched for “first Frisbee game” and in the December 6, 1970 “Reading Eagle”  there is an article that describes the first “varsity game” Ultimate game between Columbia High and Millburn High.  Now that’s neat!

— Artie

PS: Columbia won.. 15-2.

PPS: I also found this cool “sound bite” from another PE article –

If health is wealth, you cannot have either without physical education.”

Feel free to use it in your next press release!


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