(Durham, NC) – For many of us in the United States,  the reality of required Quality Daily Physical Education for all children and youth is just a dream. We have been talking about this idea among ourselves for decades.  In 1978, when I accepted an elementary teaching job for Wake County Schools (Raleigh, NC) – I taught 850 students a week at 3 different elementary schools – saw my students one day a week for 30 minutes.

Which Needs to Come First? Quality or Daily PE? – At the same time, there were neighboring school districts – poorer school districts in NC  – who had daily elementary PE – double classes, 10-11 classes a day.

Me?  I had 7-8 single classes a day.

Question #1 – So who had the better overall PE program? Me or them?

Question #2 – And who was closer to the ultimate goal of Quality and Daily PE?

Question #3 – Which is easier to do?  Transforming daily “double-classes” PE into quality  OR transforming quality “one or two days a week” PE into daily?

Or to paraphase Braz –

“Wake up! Perceive! Too long have we dozed!

The goal of QDPE must be imposed.

Must be flaunted with zeal and deliberate haste,

Cause Time is a terrible thing to waste!”


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