WVAEPE’s  42nd Annual Camp Caesar Conference

May 21-23 2010

Camp Caesar 4-H Camp

Cowen, West Virginia

This is one of the best PE Conferences in the country!  Don’t miss it!

“Camp Caesar is a rustic 4H camp near Cowen, West Virginia. the conference is held over a weekend, usually at the end of May.  What makes Camp Caesar special is the atmosphere. The rustic 4H camp gives the conference a more laid-back feel. The meals are held in a large hall with a huge collection of 12 foot tables and metal chairs. All the meals are family style and you know it’s time to eat when you hear the dinner bell. Throughout the conference, there are opportunities to mingle and socialize (especially during “Social Fitness” which occurs nightly from 9p – 12a). There are break-out sessions, campers, a plastic duck race (“ducky derby”), a four-square tournament, campfires, and much much more. Along with all the fun, there were plenty of great sessions to attend and tons of ideas that could be taken back to any educational setting (I used about 10 ideas before the school year ended!).”

Chad Triolet, The “Noodle Guy”

Website is:   ccphysed.org (Please use the 2010 form on the website)

On-site conference registration is $175  – no exceptions and payable ONLY by check or cash.

On-line registration is $150 before Saturday, April 25.  Includes lodging, food, and fun!

Questions? Contact – Nancy LeFevre at campcaesarconference@suddenlink.net

Questions for Graduate School Credit? – Suzy Summers at  sfsummer@access.k12.wv.us


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