Printed in the Register Star News (Hudson, New York)
Friday, February 19, 2010
Wade Okawa-Scannell, Senior
Chatham High School

What is the goal of a physical education teacher? Clearly, with the obesity numbers becoming quite obese themselves, the proper use of the position is in need.

But what sort of class is being run at your local high school? The typical gym class is not stimulating the proper level of activity. It certainly does not help when a physical education teacher uses resources and equipment for his or her own enjoyment during class, leaving a student without a racket, paddle, or position to play. With limited resources and space, two teachers playing a game of badminton takes two available court spaces from two deserving students.

These physical education teachers are simply what the title says — teachers. I believe that there needs to be a reform in physical education departments of high schools. Because it is not fair that taxpayer dollars are used to sponsor what is essentially a “playground.” It is a serious position that should teach the values of being healthy to students. And it most certainly should not take any opportunities away from students to get involved.

The title requires an individual to be able to do more than take attendance, play games, and check if a student is dressed for activities accordingly. No. This position calls for true, not pseudo, dedication. Let this be a reminder to all districts. Why was physical education originally introduced? This is a professional position. Physical education can potentially fight childhood obesity. The duty should not be taken lightly.

Note by Artie: Let’s hope Michelle Obama reads this!  Wade is right on!!


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