>>> From the NASPE website: “2010 PEP Grants” – Several items:

(1) The PEP RFP will not be released on April 7, as earlier announced (per the USDE Web site). Proposed changes were published in the Federal Register March 16, with the deadline for public comment April 15. USDE then will consider/respond to all comments. The RFP will be announced upon completion of this process.

(2) Most likely this will be in June – Artie’s comments.

(3) Look for NASPE’s tips for understanding and responding to a federal RFP as well as tips specific to the exact language of this RFP available after the release date.

(4) Changes Proposed: In an effort to streamline the USDE’s programs and increase effectiveness, the President’s FY2011 budget contains major changes to the PEP grant program.According to the USDE Web site, the President’s budget proposes to eliminate six programs and consolidate 38 others into 11 new authorities.

(5) The PEP program, along with five other programs, would be consolidated into a new authority called “Successful, Safe and Healthy Students” (SSHS).The proposed $410 million funding for the SSHS program would provide $140 million in state and local grants to address assessed needs, including environment, substance abuse, mental health services, facilities, nutrition, and physical activity. Thus, physical education would have to compete with these other areas for funding.

(6) Action Needed!! >> Contact your federal legislators today to urge them to continue PEP in its current format—as a stand-alone program that funds critical physical education programs. Congress has the authority to determine the framework and funding for PEP, so your advocacy is essential to let them know the importance of this program for the health and well-being of our students.


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