Where: Drake University, Des Moines, IA

Date: Monday, April 12th

PE4life and the Iowa Business Council have come together to host a free Summit on April 12th at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. Over 150 school professionals have registered with 13 vendors on hand to show you their  latest products! Participants will learn about the new “Adopt-A-School Challenge;” learn how to apply for a scholarship; about PE4life’s Core Principles; attend breakout sessions and visit with some of the nation’s top equipment vendors.


9:00-9:45 “Welcome and Introductions”

Brent Akright, PE4life National Project Manager

Jen Neubauer, PE4life Program Support Specialist, Iowa

9:45–10:30 Keynote: “Help Physical Education Finish Strong in the ‘Race to the Top!’”

Artie Kamiya, Great Activities Publishing Company (Durham, North Carolina)

Topic: All across America, states and local school districts will be participating in Secretary Arne Duncan’s “Race to the Top” funds.  With $4.35 billion in general education funds at stake, physical educators need to know exactly how to align their programs to meet the four federal priorities.

(1) Adopting rigorous standards

(2) Recruiting and retaining effective teachers

(3) Building data collection systems, and

(4) Turning around low-performing schools

With all of this funding potentially available to help your physical education program, a simple and clear question emerges:  Will you be ready to take advantage of these new funding streams?

You will learn how to position your state and/or school district to understand the language and intent of these new funds.  All participants will be able to receive a copy of the keynote PowerPoint presentation that can be adapted and tailored to fit your state or school district.

10:30-10:40 “Stretch Your Legs and Hydrate!”

10:40-11:10 The Amazing “Adopt-A-School Challenge”

Cheri Bustos, Iowa Health Systems, Iowa Business Council Representative

11:10-11:20 “General Announcements”

11:20-11:30 Pass Period

11:30-12:20 “Lunch & Equipment Symposium”

We encourage you to visit all of the quality reputable vendors in attendance today.  By visiting each vendor booth you can be entered in a drawing to win some great prizes!  Read more about the Equipment Symposium Challenge on the Gold handout.

12:30-1:20 “Afternoon Breakout Session 1”

(1) Quality Assessments and Feedback Tools (Room 310-311)

Learn about assessments and why they are important to our profession.  Quality assessments are tools and more than just letter grades.  Find out how assessments provide valuable feedback to both the students and teachers.  Come with an open-mind and look beyond fitness tests, skills tests, and written tests.  A variety of Performance-Based assessments will be discussed including the use of heart rate monitors, pedometers, and other technology.  Proper alignment of assessments with standards and benchmarks will be emphasized.

Presenter: Jen Neubauer – PE4life Program Support Specialist, Iowa

(2) Got Sweat? Integrating Fitness into Your PE Program (Room 312-313)

You’ll have it after this action packed full participation session incorporating fitness concept in different areas of the Physical Education Curriculum.  You will participate in  “Bring it On” and “Picket Fences”, to “Kite Runner”, “The Drag Race”, “Dock Dogs”, and 10 other  activities that you can use on Tuesday!! Don’t miss this session!!

Presenter: Tom Spalla,  K-8 PE Teacher; Drexler Schools, Farley, Iowa

(3) “Count Me In!” Strategies That Engage ALL Students (Parents Hall North)

Do you face the challenge each year of motivating some students to participate in your physical education class?  You know who they are, the members of the “I don’t care” club; the “Why do we have to run?” gang; the “My mom said I don’t have to do PE today” crew? Come to this session and learn strategies that get ALL students off the bench and into the game.  There are no right fielders in this program, it’s inclusive, active, and fun!

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Create an environment that students feel comfortable participating in
  • Modify activities so all students can be active and engage at their own level
  • Utilize differentiated instruction to address individual learning styles

Presenter: Jeff Mushkin, M.P.H, The SPARK Programs

1:30-2:20              “Afternoon Breakout Session 2”


Where to get it what you can do if you don’t have any! This session will focus on obtaining resources for physical education programs.  Ideas for obtaining grants (local to federal) as well as innovative community partnerships will be shared.

Presenters: Diane Delozier Lahr, Physical Educator and PEP Grant Coordinator; Iowa City Community School District, Iowa City, Iowa

Ann Griffin, Consultant, Adapted Physical Education; Grant Wood Area Education Agency, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

(2) Maximizing Physical Activity:  No Child Left Standing Still! (Rm 312-313)

More engagement and participation, less disruptions, and more fun are results of maximizing physical activity in physical education.  Learn implementation strategies of small sided games, roll call/warm up activities, and space and equipment modifications that will increase involvement for all students.  Participants will have the opportunity to take part in creative activities that will leave no child left standing still.

Presenter: Nicole Weis, PE4Life Program Support Specialist, Kansas City, MO

(3) “12 Minutes to Fitness” (Parents Hall North)

SIMPLE activities and equipment – COMPLEX results! At this workshop you will learn how to: Enhance movement, coordination, mobility, muscular strength/endurance, and cardiovascular efficiency;  Design instant activities and effective fitness circuits; and Implement strength development year-round, inside and out using simple and fun equipment such as the Train Station, Jungle Gym, and PowR Walk.

Presenter: Rob Schilt of Foundational Fitness, Inc., a company devoted to transforming the school community with fitness activities and equipment that are effective, affordable, and portable.

“The Ultimate Iowa PE Equipment Symposium” (Parents Hall South)

  • Great Activities Publishing Company’s “Virtual PE Administrator”
  • 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment
  • PE FIT
  • ADA Badminton & Tennis
  • Railyard Fitness
  • EKHO Heart Rate Monitors
  • Foundational Fitness
  • SPARK / School Specialty
  • Motion Fitness
  • Skillastics
  • Nasco
  • PE4life Program Support Services
  • SPRI Products

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