Background: On Monday, April 12th over 150 people representing 40 school districts attended the PE4life / IBC Adopt-A-School Challenge in Des Moines.  The day featured guest keynote speaker and nationally renowned physical education activist, Artie Kamiya, and a number of learning opportunities from the area’s leading physical education professionals.

Great Breakout Sessions: The breakout sessions included topics from obtaining funding and community support, quality assessment and feedback tools used in PE and a number of activity sessions targeting fitness-related topics and ideas for maximizing physical activity time.  Additionally, 13 equipment vendors showcased their products to the attendees.

Just a quick follow-up on this event: If you go to the PE4Life’s Iowa Website – you will will be able to download my PowerPoint presentation and the handouts from the other presenters:

“Money, Money, Money… No Money!” – Diane DeLozier Lahr and Ann Griffin
Handout PowerPoint

“Got Sweat?” –  Tom Spalla

“Maximizing PE Time” –  Nicole Weis

“Let’s Help Physical Education Finish Strong” –  Artie Kamiya

“Quality Assessments and Feedback Tools” – Jen Neubauer


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