On the Road Again! We (me and sons – Jeremy and Daniel) are down on South Padre Island to share the “Good News” about the Virtual PE Administrator – the world’s first (and only) web-based K-12 Physical Education Assessment and Monitoring System!

Do the Data! The 2010 SEA Summit (Secondary and Elementary Administrators for HPERD) provides a one-of-a-kind venue that is attended by over 100 Health and Physical Education state and national leaders.  The major focus of this year’s conference was “the need to prove the relevance  of physical education through data collection and sound educational research.”  As the first keynote speaker, Dr. Charles Sterling (Cooper’s Institute) noted: “Data drives decisions.”   Without adequate data, physical educators will continue to lack the ability to demonstrate relevance to decision makers!

Other National PE Experts: The attendees were also able to hear from other national experts including Dr. Darla Castelli, (UT-Austin), Dr. Bob Pangrazzi (Arizona State University), and Dr. Marilu Meredith (Fitnessgram).

Closing Session: Lastly, everyone was able to hear about the latest enhancements to the Virtual PE Administrator.  These enhancements included the ability to create custom designed student certificates, district-wide curriculum guides, and capture fitness data via iPhone, iTouch, or iPad.  I was also able to provide additional information on the release date for the 2010 Carol M. White PEP Grant RFP and possible strategies for aligning your PE program to President Obama’s $4.3 billion “Race to the Top” funds.

A Few SEA Summit Pictures!


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