Well, it’s 8 days and counting (not counting today) before the 2010 Carol M White PEP Grant competition is over.  For those of you who have been “going crazy,” – I’m with you!

As you finally begin to bring a bit of closure to this process, please consider one last detail that may put your grant application “over the top.”   The Virtual PE Administrator is the only web-based K-12 physical education assessment and tracking system in the world!  No other product will provide you and your teachers with the flexibility to manage the require GPRA data.  It instantly aggregates and tracks items such as BMI, pedometer steps, Pacer Test (20-meter shuttle run), fruit and vegetable consumption, and student success toward meeting your State PE Standards.

Interested? Just e-mail me – Artie@greatactivities.net or call me at (919) 818-6486.  We can provide you with the text narrative and pricing within minutes. More detail below:

The Virtual Physical Education Administrator (live link) is an innovative web-based software designed to help school districts and states track and monitor K-12 student success in meeting district-approved or State-level physical education standards.

K-High School PE Curriculum with Assessment! The website is pre-loaded with assessment tools (i.e., PE core standards) and is designed to connect teachers to a wide variety of instructional resources, including lessons, student worksheets, and personal fitness profiles, which are aligned to NASPE and individual State PE Standards.

24/7 Access: Because it is web-based, teachers can easily access this website at school, home, or on road without having to install anything or carry a flash drive – a perfect platform for the busy physical education teacher or coach!

An Online PE Planner: From weekly schedule planning to assessing students against established standards, this website allows teachers to perform a variety of tasks online, thus, saving their time without neglecting their core duties.

Secure and Dependable: All of these features have been integrated with highest level of security measures including firewalls, encrypted code, incorrect password alerts, and auto-backup of student records.

Expertly Designed: This complete curriculum and assessment package was designed by Artie Kamiya, a former “National Physical Education Administrator of the Year” and a recognized national curriculum expert.  It is currently being used by numerous school districts across the United States.

“The use of the Virtual PE Administrator is exciting on multiple levels… within our university curriculum, with K-12 schools, and helping to increase productivity of our PE majors. The ability of the software to be modified, customized, and developed as desired is awesome!”

Dr. Michael Roskamp, Grand Valley State University, Michigan


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