(Durham, NC) Just a quick post related to the cool books that we are currently working on and should be available during the next 6-12 months:

  • The First Six Minutes: This is a new book by Hal Cramer, author of Make It-Take It Fitness Games. This book will provide a great selection of instant activities, ASAP games (Active-Soon-As-Possible), proven teaching strategies, and other teacher tips guaranteed to get each and every class off to a great start!
  • The MIME Set: Minds in Motion Everyday! This innovative academic active games book is by Jennifer Gorecki and Bebe Katz.  It will provide physical education and classroom teachers with an exceptional variety of ways to increase physical activity and rich academic learning as well.
  • The Sport Stacking Handbook: This handy guide to the sport of cup stacking is by Jim Ross. It’s a complete “start-to-finish” resource for teaching the basic cup stacking patterns and teaching strategies for students at all levels.  Filled with great ideas for individual skill development, small group activities, and great large group games!

It’s Great to be a PE Teacher! To see our other best-selling books, DVDs, and to learn more about the “PEP Club” or our national PE magazine – The Great Activities Newspaper – please click on the above graphic and go to the “Our Great Books” listing on the left sidebar.


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