Background: The “VPE Office Space” is a free service of the Great Activities Publishing Company for college and university pedagogy professors interested in helping their students to learn more about:

  • Standards-based Assessments and Grading
  • Stronger Skill-Based Instruction
  • Integrating Technology into the Classroom
  • The VPETouch app
  • Creating Formative and Summative Assessments
  • The Virtual PE Administrator Platform

Sign-Up Today! Just click on the highlighted “Sign-Up Today” link to be re-directed to the sign-up form. Soon you and your pedagogy students will be able to ‘Play” with all of the interesting features of the VPE platform including our free VPETouch app, pre-loaded curriculum guides, videos and PowerPoint slide presentation submitted by their fellow PE Majors across the world, and other cool stuff!

Currently: This website is available FREE to the physical education majors of the following colleges and universities:

  • Millikin University,
  • Concordia University,
  • Montclair State University,
  • Linfield College,
  • Nebraska Wesleyan University,
  • Mars Hill College,
  • Coe College, and the
  • College of the Bahamas!

Classroom Users Include: It is being used by the students in:

  • Linda Watson’s “Foundations of Physical Education,” “Health and Physical Education for Classroom Teachers,” “Methods in Elementary Physical Education,” and “Secondary Curriculum Development of Physical Education;”
  • Terri Anderson’s “Curriculum and Methods of Elementary Physical Education;”
  • Tim Sullivan’s “Management of Physical Education, Health & Athletics;”
  • Jeff McNamee’s “Methods, Assessment, and Research” classes;
  • Berniece Jones’ “Planning and Implementing Health and Physical Education,” “Curriculum and Assessment in Health and Physical Education,” and “Adapted Physical Education” classes;
  • Bill Hamilton’s “Methods of Teaching Elementary Physical Education,” “Measurement and Evaluation,” “Skill Labs,” “Racquet Sports,” “Health and Wellness,” “Sports in Society,” “Organization/Administration of Physical Education and Sport” classes;
  • Jen Neubauer’s “Elementary PE Methods” and “Secondary PE Methods” classes; and
  • Jennifer Issacs-Dotson’s “Primary and Secondary Methods,” “Tests and Measurement,” and “History of Physical Education” classes!

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