Just in from NASPE…….

Dear Colleagues,

Fiscal Year 2011 funding for the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) is in serious jeopardy. Congressional budget negotiators are in the process of making drastic cuts in many discretionary federal programs as they make final determinations for the current year’s budget. Included are those administered by the Department of Education. PEP has already been defunded in one House Republican spending bill and it is also cut in another, more recent spending reduction proposal.

Your help is urgently needed to convey to key Congressional decision makers how important this program is to our nation’s youth. Please use the AAHPERD Legislative Action Center to contact your federal legislators to ask them to support PEP. You are also encouraged to send an email to Congressman Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee (send emails toAllison.Steil@mail.house.gov). Please find attached a letter that was sent to Cong. Ryan yesterday by NASPE President, Dennis Docheff, with some suggested language. Feel free to add your own success stories and testimonies about the successes of the PEP program.

Please contact Megan Wolfe at mwolfe@aahperd.org or 703-476-3476 for further information.

Megan Wolfe, J.D.

Government Relations Manager

National Association for Sport and Physical Education

1900 Association Drive

Reston, VA 20191




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