Submit Your Games or Ideas for the Nation’s Leading Elementary and Middle School Physical Education Magazine!

Physical Education Games Wanted! 

Do you have a cool game, activity, or idea that has worked well for you and your students?  If so, please consider sharing it with your fellow physical educators!

A Solid 30-Year Track Record: In 1982, we published the first issue of the Great Activities Newspaper.  Since that time, tens of thousands of elementary and middle school physical education teachers has come to enjoy the “teacher-tested” games, activities, and action-packed fitness lessons found in every 48-page issue. For example, here’s what a few folks have to say about this remarkable bi-monthly publication:

  • At the 2011 Texas SEA PE Summit (Secondary and Elementary Administrators for PE), we were pleased to talk with Mike Sosa (K-12 Health & PE Coordinator for Laredo Independent School District) and Michele Rusnak (K-12 PE Coordinator for Austin Independent Schools). Both of these Texas leaders have been fans of Great Activities for years:

“With tight instructional budgets, it’s hard to often hard to provide our PE teachers and paraprofessionals with new and exciting presenters on an annual basis.  However, the Great Activities Newspaper is like having a PE workshop delivered to you five times a year!” 

“For years, the Great Activities Newspaper has been one of the country’s leading sources for innovative and creative physical education ideas, games, and lessons. It’s good to know that the Great Activities Newspaper continues to provide physical educators with this on-going and valuable teacher resource.”

Submission Format: We have a very simple 5-part format as seen below –

  1. Title: If possible, use a creative title for your game/activity/idea.
  2. Materials Needed: Just a bulleted list of equipment and supplies needed for your activity.
  3. Game Set-Up: This is a short explanation of how the game or activity is set-up; number of players, etc.
  4.  Procedures:  These are the rules of the game, how it is played, etc.
  5. WOW (Words of Wisdom):  These are teacher tips, ways to vary or modify the game, etc. Also, please feel free to add a diagram as needed.

Submit To: Please e-mail your submission to  –

Submission Follow-Up: It normally takes 2-3 months for us to respond back to you.  If your game is accepted, you will receive:

  • A copy of the Great Activities Newspaper your game(s) appears in;
  • A $20 – $75 voucher good for items in our online catalog.  Voucher amounts reflect the uniqueness and/or effort of the submission.  For example, a short game or activity would receive a $20 voucher; a 5-6 page innovative Field Day submission may get $50 – $75; and
  • National recognition from the thousands of loyal and avid Great Activities Newspaper readers across the United States!

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