Looking for a Fantastic K-12 PE Workshop? During the past four decades, the Great Activities Publishing Company has been the #1 most-requested physical education workshop provider in the United States. For example: * In the 1980’s: Perhaps you (or a fellow colleague) were one of the 1,000’s of physical educators who were able to attend one of our full-day PE workshops led by one of our four founding North Carolina presenters:

  • Larry McDonald,
  • Jim Rich,
  • Cindy Bross or myself!

In the 1990’s: Or perhaps you (with many fellow colleagues) were one of the 10,000’s of physical educators who were able to attend one of our full-day PE workshops led by one of our expert presenters such as:

  • Jean Blaydes (Texas); noted “Brain Research” guru,
  • Vicky Worrell (Kansas); outstanding leader and advocate,
  • Jim Stillwell (Arkansas); established author and presenter, and
  • Joella Mehrhof (Kansas), well-known mentor and author.

In the 2000’s: During this decade, we became the first company to provide workshops aligned to specific K-12 State PE Standards. Our presenters criss-crossed the country – from East to West and North to South; over 25 states in all – California; Florida, New York to St. Louis; Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and many more!

Today: In the 2010’s, we have focused our attention on K-12 physical education curriculum and assessment with the introduction of our three most popular workshops –

  1. High-Yield Physical Education (HYPE): Creating a Value-Added Approach for Teaching PE!
  2. PE by the Numbers: Creating a Data-Driven K-12 PE Program!
  3. Standards-Based and Standing Room Only! Activities and Teaching Strategies for Getting Kids Off their Seat and on their Feet ASAP!

For More Information: For more information on our K-12 physical education workshops, prices, and availability, call (800) 927-0682 or e-mail Jacki@greatactivities.net today!

“Dear Artie: It was so wonderful to meet you and to be a part of your sessions in Naperville, Illinois. You are a physical education ‘treasure’ – – as I have used many of your ideas in my classes often and I’m always able to pick up some new ones at your presentations.

I loved the ‘Tick tock, I’m a catching clock!’ rhyming cue for helping students to remember the proper hand position when catching a ball.

Keep up the great work. YOU ROCK!!”

Terri Anderson


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