I just love the intent of the new national Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy (PESTA) that is being started in Singapore!  With the aim to build a teacher-led culture of professional excellence to enhance the professional in-service development of physical education, this new entity is:

  • Fully committed to the recruitment of more physical educators and their professional development,
  • Will develop a curriculum based on a holistic and practical three-tiered knowledge base, and
  • Create a new model of physical education across Singapore.

The three core content areas will include:

  1. Core Content Knowledge (HEAD),
  2. Skills and Professional Practice (HAND), and
  3. Advocacy and Engagement (HEART).

Tan Teck Hock, the Academy principal of PESTA, said: “I think what you can expect from PESTA would be a strong focus on practice and how this knowledge and skills can be applied in school settings.”

Maybe they will be able to create the critical “missing link” (mandated assessment in physical education) in Singapore that is currently missing here in the United States!


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