While the Fall PE Leadership Training is weeks away (September 22-24, 2011), the online registration site will close in less than two weeks on September 14th.  Later this date, you’ll need to register by mailing your check or purchase order to:

NCAAHPERD| P.O. Box 27751 | Raleigh, NC 27611 | Phone: 888-840-6500  | 
Fax: 888-840-6FAX (329) | Local Fax: 919-833-7700

Fees:  $195 for staying on-site; $185 for commuters.  We also have a very limited number (read: “five”) of single and double rooms available for an additional fee.  This can be paid when you get to the Trinity Conference Center.  First come-first served basis only!

  • Registration will open at 4:00 PM, Thursday September 22nd.
  • Fall PELT Contact: Keith Cannon, Fall PELT Chair  – (252) 635-7068 or email  keith.cannon@craven.k12.nc.us .

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