We Need Your Help Now!  The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) urgently needs your help!  Over the past two years, members from their coalition of organizations have worked diligently to have Physical Education and Health Education included as core subjects in ESEA. Last year, NASPE was thrilled to work with Senator Udall’s (NM) office on the introduction of the PHYSICAL Act and were equally excited when Senator Bingaman (NM) joined him as a co-sponsor. In September, Republican Senator Burr included PE as a core subject in his education bill. HELP Committee Chairman, Tom Harkin is ready to introduce his ESEA bill and has scheduled a Committee meeting on October 18th or 19th to vote on the bill.

In an effort to ensure that HE and PE are ultimately included in ESEA. NASPE and NCAAHPERD ask that you send the email below to the following members of the Senate HELP Committee. Please send your emails to the following addresses.

Senator Tom Harkin, Chairman
Michael_Gamel_McCormick@help.senate.gov and Maria_Worthen@help.senate.gov

Senator Mike Enzi, Ranking Member

And Your State’s Senator


Subject line: HE and PE as Core Subjects in ESEA.

Dear Senator (Name),

As ESEA reauthorization moves forward I am writing to ask that Health Education and Physical Education be included as core subjects.

At a time when one-third of our nation’s children are overweight or obese, educating them in physical competence, health-related fitness and healthy behaviors is critical to their development and long-term success as healthy and productive citizens. And while we realize that schools are but one component in this process, quality health education and physical education programs are essential components of a comprehensive K-12 curriculum.

Unfortunately, many schools today do not provide adequate health education or physical education, as recommended by leading health-related national organizations and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Subjects that are not considered “core” under the current law, are frequently at risk of being marginalized and eventually eliminated due to a lack of funding or administrative priority. To rectify this dangerous trend, we strongly encourage the Committee to recognize physical education and health education as “core” subjects (at the same level as art and civic education) thus ensuring that schools have the option to use Title I and Title II funds for physical education and health education programs and teacher professional development.



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