(Wisconsin Dells – October 26, 2011)  Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to share with the 2011 Wisconsin AHPERD folks (opening keynote and breakout session).  This has been a two-year long project that Keith Bakken (WAHPERD Executive Director) started.  Because many of the State AHPERDs typically scheduling their conventions during the months of October and November, it has always been hard for us to accommodate all of the speaking and presentation requests that we get.  Fortunately, Keith was able to be persistent (and not super-annoyed when he requested that we present last year but couldn’t).  We simply put it on our 2011 calendar and so now we’re here!

Time Flies! As I plan to share with the group on Thursday, this is the 3rd time I have been in Wisconsin.  We did an all-day workshop for the Green Bay Schools PE Staff, presented as a part of the National Elementary PE Conference when it was held at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, and I remember doing one of our company’s “State Standards PE Workshops” about 10 or so years ago near the campus of UW-Madison. Fortunately, I’m able to recall very happy and tender memories from each of these three workshop opportunities!

“Keepers of the Faith!” – While I always wonder how and if our younger professionals will be able to “pick up the torch” and run with it, I  am typically surprised by the willingness of our younger PE teachers to do so.  This is especially true since I was asked by Jim Cook (Mid-West District AHPERD Executive Director) to work with the Mid-West District PE Majors at Pokagon, Indiana several years ago.  As long as the state-level leaders continue to keep the special non-convention venues alive such as the California PE Summer Workshops, Camp Caesar in West Virginia, the Lake Conference in New Jersey, the PE Summer Institute in Indiana, the Fall and Spring PELTs in North Carolina, etc. – there will always be plenty of opportunity for our young PE talent to shine!

But, I also think it is a shame that our younger PE professionals did not have the opportunity to experience the “Bright Stars” that I looked up to when I first started to teach over 30 years ago.

  • Lee Allsbrook,
  • Ambrose “Braz” Brazelton,
  • Al Canonico,
  • Jane Doss,
  • Rudy Benton,
  • Rich Cendali,
  • Ghary Akers,
  • Hadge Hissam,
  • Rudy Franklin, etc.
All of this is just to say: “Enjoy today! – It is a special gift with endless possibilities!”

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