(Photo Courtesy of Dave Finnigan)

PE Institute Update

Background: The primary reason for this week-long conference is to assist and encourage K-12 physical education teachers to link their instruction with assessment outcomes.

QUESTION: What happens when you combine the experience, passion, and commitment of the UNITED STATES’

  • Very Best K-12 Physical Education Experts (ex: Dr. Bob Pangrazi, Dr. George Graham, Dr. Dolly Lambdin, Dr. Stevie Chepko, etc.), and the
  • Very Best K-12 Advocates (ex: Dr. Jayne Greenberg, Judy LoBianco, Dr. Marybell Avery, Ginny Popiolek, and Shellie Pfohl, etc.) and the
  • Very Best NASPE PE Teachers of the Year (ex: Jim Ross, John Smith, Chip Candy, Melanie Champion, Chad Triolet, John Thomson, Bonnie Hopper, Crystal Gorwitz, Curt Hinson, etc.) and the
  • Very Best Corporate Thinkers (ex: Dave Finnigan, Tom Root, Mark Rothstein, Don Disney, Betty Kern, Grant Scheffer, Cindy Sisson, Siefried Gerstung, Lee Spieker, Debby Mitchell)?

ANSWER: You get the National Physical Education Institute!

DETAILS: July 30 – August 3, 2012; Asheville, North Carolina.

REGISTRATION and Other Info: Save $25 if registered before June 30, 2012! And you’ll get an additional $50 discount if sending a team of 4 or more PE teachers!

WEBSITE:  www.nationalpeinstitute.com



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