PE Central Newsletter:  To see the March 27th issue of PE Central’s Newsletter, please click on the above graphic!

National AAHPERD Refund Information: We agree with the folks at PE Central that AAHPERD did an outstanding job in what was a very, very difficult situation during the 2012 AAHPERD Convention in Boston.  As one of the many vendors who had set-up our exhibit space on Monday, it was not easy to tear-down our tables, books, and displays for the long 13-hour drive back to North Carolina.  To see the AAHPERD “Refund Information,” please click HERE.

The National Physical Education Institute!  We are well on our way to providing a premiere event with this year’s National PE Institute!  The purpose of this 5-day conference is to provide the following to all attendees:

  • Tools for Curriculum Alignment: Provide participants with tools, strategies, and information on how to develop a K-12 curriculum aligned with student assessment,
  • Why Re-Invent the Wheel? Gain valuable insight as how to align the written, taught, and tested K-12 physical education curriculum,
  • Just for PE! Experience a curriculum and assessment conference carefully designed for K-12 physical education teachers,
  • “Hands-On” Sessions: Learn in a manner that makes sense to PE teachers – hear from nationally-recognized authorities and then,
  • Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Sessions: Participate in “hands-on” activity sessions lead by Elementary, Middle, and High School PE Teachers of the Year and other experts,
  • See and Interact: Interact with others who have implemented data-driven assessment practices,
  • Visit & Network: Visit and ask questions from curriculum, assessment, and program vendors,
  • Learn What Others Are Doing: See how others have been linking curriculum with sound K-12 assessment practices, and
  • Experience Professional Growth – Have Fun! Experience of a lifetime where fun, hard work, and instructional pedagogy practices (“best practices”) are presented with the Physical Educator in mind!!

Links: Please click HERE or on the above graphic to go directly to the National PE Institute website for registration, lodging, FAQ sheet, and other items!

PS:  We have made a special effort to have session and keynote presenters who will be of keen interest to current and past Carol M. White PEP Grant winners. For example:

  • Keynoters Dr. Jayne Greenberg (Miami-Dade Schools, Florida), Dr. Marybell Avery (Lincoln Public Schools, Nebraska), Judy LoBianco (South Orange-Maplewood Schools, New Jersey) are current or past PEP Grant winners;
  • Keynoters Dr. George Graham and Dr. Bob Pangrazi have written books and other programs that have been used by numerous PEP Grantees across the United States;
  • Presenters Aaron Hart, Chip Candy, Charla Parker, Melanie Champion, John Smith, Jim Ross, and others have been used by PEP Grantees for K-12 staff development sessions;
  • Presenters Jen Neubauer, Lori Dunn, Gayle See, Crystal Gorwitz, David Spurlock, and others have had first-hand experiences in supporting, documenting, and aligning curriculum to meet PE State Standards as written into the new PEP guidelines;
  • Experts – Nationally-recognized fitness and curriculum experts like Don Disney (Fitnessgram), Shellie Pfohl (President’s Council), Paula Hudson Hildebrand (North Carolina Department of Public Instruction) have up-to-date knowledge on the current and future national trends in K-12 physical education; and
  • Exhibitors/Presenters Lee Spieker, Mike Meeter, Siegfried Gerstung, Bonnie Hopper, Dave Finnigan, Mark Rothstein, Sandy Slade, Wendy Cooper, Betty Kern, Dan Young, Grant Scheffer, and others have been involved in the latest product development, physical education, physical activity and nutrition curricula, and other outstanding products and services for K-12 physical education!

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