We’re had a very busy week!  Several items:

(#1) Register Before June 30th and Save!  As seen above, we have started our final “push” to remind folks to register before June 30th to take advantage of a $25 savings ($225 versus $250) by advertising in AAHPERD’s e-mail blast called “ET CETERA.”  This weekly publication is read by about 7,000 AAHPERD members nationally and internationally!  The ad will run for the next 10 weeks leading up to the PE Institute.

(#2) Keynoter and Presenter WebEx Webinar:  This past Tuesday, we were able to get our morning keynoters (ex: Dr. Bob Pangrazi, Dr. George Graham, Dr. Dolly Lambdin, and Dr. Stevie Chepko) to share with our physical education breakout session presenters (ex: John Smith, Chip Candy, Jim Ross, John Thomson, Bonnie Hopper) the “take home messages” they will be presenting from the podium. The purpose of this webinar was to allow the PE breakout session presenters to know what will be discuss in the morning sessions each day as to align their session activities to reflect and enhance the day’s message.  A great time was had by all!

(#3) UNC Asheville Meeting: The Great Activities staff completed our monthly on-site meeting with the great UNC Asheville folks yesterday in preparation for the PE Institute.  Everyone is very excited to have the opportunity to host the many excellent K-12 physical education teachers who will be attending to the Institute this year!

(#4) It Keeps Getting Better! Speaking of “excellent PE teachers,” I just got an e-mail from Todd Seagle (Past President of South Carolina AHPERD) who indicated that he and a group from his Board of Directors will be attending the Institute!  Great!!


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