Background: We are making the “final push” in completing the 28-page National PE Institute printed program. Wow! What a line-up of keynoters and presenters: Dr. Dolly Lambdin, Dr. George Graham, Dr. Stevie Chepko, Dr. Bob Pangrazi, Paula Hudson Hildebrand, Dr. Jayne Greenberg, Judy LoBianco, Dr.Marybell Avery, Ginny Popiolek, Shellie Pfohl, Aaron Hart, John Smith, Barbara English, Jim Ross, Chip Candy, Charla Parker, Freddie Lee Health, John Thomson, Candy Thompson, Chandelle Schulte, Dr. Dan Grube, Dan Young, Gayle See, Melanie Champion, Lori Dunn, Siegfried Gerstung, Matt Croson, Betty Kern, John Ditter, Tonya Wicker, Jim DeLine, Cindy Sisson Hensley, Patrick Service, Roger Washburn, Mike Meeteer, Lee Spieker, Don Disney, Chad Triolet, Bonnie Hopper, Anne Wiggin, Dr. Carol Smith, Mark Rothstein, Dr. Marilu Meredith, Jill Reinwald, Dave Finnigan, and Matt Belles! Special Guest – Dr. June Atkinson, State Superintendent of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction!


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