Just had a great phone conversation from a PE teacher who is planning on attending the National PE Institute, but could only attend through lunch each day. “Unfortunately, we have scheduled our school’s volleyball tryouts that week,” she said. “I’m at a private K-8 school and will be teaching the elementary students and coaching. Last year, I was just secondary PE.” I went on to explain that even if she attended in the mornings, she’d really get a great “jump start” on how to implement a sound K-5 PE curriculum based on the morning keynoters (i.e., Dolly Lambdin, George Graham, Stevie Chepko, Bob Pangrazi) and the morning breakout sessions with our terrific elementary, middle, and high school experts!

For example, I shared with her an overview of what she’d get JUST on the first day on Monday morning:
• A keynote from Dr. Dolly Lambdin (“Standards-Based Student Assessment”),
• Jim Ross’ “3 F’s of Highly Successful Games,”
• Aaron Hart’s “Assess This! Standards-Based Assessment for the Real World,”
• Charla Parker’s “Using the Sport Ed Model: Why It Works and Strategies for Implementation,”
• Mark Croson’s “Don’t Throw in the Towel: On the Fly Assessment Ideas,”
• Chip Candy’s “Fitness: Fast and Built to Last,” and
• Freddie Lee Health’s “NCLB: No Child Left on the Bench!”

“Wow,” she said. “That’s a lot of great sessions to choose from.” “Yes,” I replied. “Which is why we really want folks to come to the Institute as members of a district-wide K-12 team! With up to 7-10 different breakout sessions going on at the same time, the best strategy is to have team members go to the sessions that best fit the needs of each school district.”

“Will you provide presenter handouts?” she asked. “Yes, we will provide all participants with the presenters’ handouts on a DVD so if there are multiple sessions for a given time slot that interest you, you’ll have these notes as a ‘back up’ plan.”

I also told her that most of the morning and afternoon sessions will repeat at least once during the PE Institute. “Sign me up,” she said!


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