We just “signed-off” on the CD cover and contents for the National PE Institute.  This CD is packed with outstanding curriculum and assessment tools, strategies, and documents that include the following:

1. PowerPoints & Documents from the Keynote Presenters
o Dr. Bob Pangrazi
o Dr. Dolly Lambdin
o Dr. George Graham
o Dr. Marybell Avery
o Dr. Stevie Chepko
o Judy LoBianco
o Ginny Popiolek

2. PowerPoints & Documents from the Breakout Session Presenters
o Aaron Hart
o Betty Kern
o Dr. Bob Pangrazi
o Bonnie Hopper
o Candy Thompson
o Chad Triolet
o Charla Parker
o Cheri Scott
o Chip Candy
o Cindy Sisson Hensley
o Dan Young
o Dave Finnigan
o Freddie-Lee Heath
o Jim DeLine
o John Smith
o Lee Spieker
o Lori Dunn & Gayle See
o Dr. Marilu Meredith
o Mark Croson
o Melanie Champion
o Mike Meeteer & John Ditter
o Pam Weatherford
o Parker Johnson
o Patrick Service
o S&S Discount Sports – BOKS
o Scott Adolf
o Steve Fay
o Dr. Stevie Chepko
o Tonya Wicker
o Wendy Cooper
o XerGames

3. Documents pertaining to the “PE Power Standards”
o Learning Progressions for Social Skills
o Assessing the 5 Manipulative Skills
o K-HS PE Power Standards Posters
o K-HS PE Power Standards and 4-Point Rubrics
o Color-Coded Power Standards Scope and Sequence

4. Curriculum Folder of Assorted PE curriculum maps (Pacing Guides)
o Grades K-5
o 6th Grade
o 7th Grade
o 8th Grade
o 9th Grade
o Plus 20 other assorted high school PE classes and electives!


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