NEW COOPER INSTITUTE VIDEO: Just got this cool e-mail from Don Disney (Cooper Institute):

Hi Artie – Wonderful job with the first National PE conference. I enjoyed meeting the top coordinators in the country and meeting old colleagues. I hope all is going well as we start the new school year. Thanks for all of the communications you send out via the Great Activities Publishing Company. I have made so many connections across the country thanks to your help. You are a star.

NEW COOPER INSTITUTE VIDEO: Here is the latest 90 second vignette from the Cooper Institute explaining aerobic capacity. It is a simple, fun, and a short explanation that will assist students, parents, and teachers and best of all it is FREE, and has the Cooper Institute (non-profit) 501(c)(3) behind the science. Feel free to send it out or post it in your Great Activities newsletter. It will really assist our teachers as they begin the start of the school year…most all of the star coordinators are doing FG. This is the perfect resource for teachers to assist students with the why? ….are we are taking the FITNESSGRAM aerobic capacity assessment. It can be used to check for understanding.

Aerobic Capacity – http://youtu.be/eiS8xGzRlwI

Also, look for a free BMI vignette coming soon….we know how hard it is to teach body composition……..as well as student cognitive tests at all levels to measure knowledge for each health related fitness test. I hope this will make a difference to your teachers administering FG. Glad to assist. If you would like to feature a FG corner that will include resources etc. let me know and we can discuss.

Keep up the good work! Best wishes for a successful school year.

PS: By the way…have you seen our new release. In order to balance the equation between physical activity and nutrition, we have developed NutriGram. It is a nutrition assessment for knowledge and behavior and includes an online game. Here is the link:




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