With the advent of the new Carol M. White PEP Grant GPRA measures, every PEP Grantee will need to capture daily pedometer data for either a 4-day or 7-day period of time. To do this in a timely fashion, we recommend that you use a random sampling and our company’s wireless pedometers!
Immediate Time Savings! The time it takes to record each students’ pedometer steps can be significantly reduced by purchasing the Actiped Plus wireless pedometer! Here’s how it works:
• As students enter the gym, the students’ data is downloaded wirelessly to the PE teacher’s computer where it is stored, scored, and compiled.
• Each wireless pedometer’s memory chip stores several weeks of data – so if you’re busy or forget to download a class – no problem. Just get them the next day!
• No more transcribing student pedometer steps to a recording sheet and manually resetting the pedometer!
• No need to compile records at the class and school levels because the data is instantly uploaded and aggregated for a district-wide report as required by the Office of Safe & Drug-Free Schools.
NEED MORE INFO? Please call us at (800) 927-0682 for more information and pricing. Thanks!


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