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Getting kids moving has always been one of the primary goals of physical education in schools.

But students staying active isn’t the only thing local instructors are focusing on.

Assessments have really changed the way students look at physical education.

Fifth grader at Evendale Elementary School, Sylvia Asero, says she really likes the system. She says, “It’s very helpful. It really is and when you pass a new level, it feels like you’ve accomplished something.”

Her classmate, Tyler Hambleton agrees. He says, “I feel like I’ve done a great job. I feel complete.”

For the past week or so, Evendale 5th graders have been learning how to juggle.

Asero tells TV3, “Once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy. But when you’re a beginner it’s very complicated because you’re just learning.”

Physical Education teacher Mark Croson makes it clear, this isn’t recess and the kids are there to learn.

He went to the National Physical Education Institute over the summer and learned how to most effectively asses his students.

Croson says, “We focus on the assessment area as an important part of the academic development of our students especially at the elementary level. It is different from maybe the way I was taught… What we’re doing is holding students accountable for their learning and for their development. ”

I think it’s better that we’re not just running around and focusing on sit ups, that we’re actually focusing on coordination and concentration.


2 thoughts on “Can Assessment Change PE for the Better?

  1. Assessments are good as long as they are demonstrative. I’m a little worried with where national standards are going. It appears they are more concerned with students being able to write about phys ed so that they can assess them easier.

  2. I believe that new assessment tools have in a way caused my students to take more ownership in their physical fitness. I have seen students view their level of fitness, according to test scores and assessment, as a competition in the sense that they dont want to “lose” and be in a lower percentile, but that they’d rather work hard to be a top performer!

    So yes I do believe that assessment can definitely be used for the better!

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