Hello Attendees of the 2012 National PE Institute: Here are 4 items we would like to bring to your attention!
(#1) PE Institute Intern – Mark Strazzer!
(#2) Spread the Word!
(#3) 2013 PEI “Common Core Standards” CD Project
(#4) 2013 PEI Registration Form (www.nationalpeinstitite.com)

Background: We would first like to thank you for attending the first annual National PE Institute last year in beautiful Asheville, NC. We hope to see you again at this year’s National PE Institute July 29th- August 2nd 2013 in Asheville, NC (http://www.nationalpeinstitute.com/). The National PE Institute team is working hard to provide this year’s attendees with the highest quality content as possible. Be ready to hear from leading experts, learn from nationally recognized PE teachers, and have a great time with your peers.

(#1) PE Institute Intern: I would like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Mark Strazzer and I am a middle school PE/health teacher at Owen Middle School in Buncombe County, NC. I am also a graduate student at East Carolina University working on my Masters in Health Education and Promotion. I will be serving as an intern for the 2013 National PE Institute and be one of the primary communications contact for the conference. As always, you can also contact the Great Activities Publishing Company Office at (800) 927-0682.

·If you have any questions or concerns regarding the 2013 National PE Institute please do not hesitate to contact me. My information is below:
• Mark Strazzer
• Mark.strazzer@gmail.com
• Mark.strazzer@bcsemail.org
• (828) 225-6986

(#2) Spread the Word: The 2013 National PE Institute needs your help.

·Exhibitors: Please promote the 2013PE Institute in you newsletters.
·Presenters: Please remind your contacts that you will be presenting at the 2013 National PE Institute.
·Educators: Please share with your peers the great experience you had at the conference and encourage them to attend the 2013 National PE Institute.

(#3) “Common Core State Standards” Resource CD: This year, the National PE Institute is looking to provide all 2013 attendees a resource CD on how to integrate the Common Core Standards into health and PE classes. If you or your school district has been working on integrating the Common Core and have any resources (sample lessons, support documents, etc.) you would like to share with your fellow educators, the National PE Institute wants to hear from you!

Please forward them to Mark Strazzer, Mark.strazzer@gmail.com or Mark.strazzer@bcsemail.org, so we can compile them for this year’s conference attendees.

You will be credited for your contribution in the resource CD and will help “solve” this common concern that most K-12 PE teachers have at this time. If possible, please have all submissions turned in by May 1st, 2013.

(#4) 2013 Registration Form: Finally, please go to our website – wwww.nationalpeinstitute.com – to download this year’s registration form. We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 National PE Institute. Please feel free to contact me or the Great Activities Office at (800) 927-0682 with any concerns or questions.


Mark Strazzer

2013 National PE Institute Intern




(828) 225-6986


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