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What does the following National Weather Service announcement have to do with the 2013 National PE Institute (July 29 – August 2, 2013)?



(Cedar Rapids, Iowa) The National Weather Service said high temperatures across Iowa will rise in the next few days. The melting snow will increase the likelihood of flooding for a swath of northern Iowa where the runoff is likely because the ground is frozen. Residents said the Wapsipinicorn River rose quickly over the weekend flooding low-lying areas of the community, no major damage was reported.


A friend of mine is a high school PE teacher in Iowa. One day he was walking to the gym and a skinny 10th grade male student stops and asks him very seriously, “Is there any way I can transfer into your third period PE class?” My friend asks the student “why?” and the student says because he “wants to be a hero.”

The youth goes on to explain that several of his friends are in the teacher’s third period class and they really seem to enjoy it. They appreciate the student-centered way he teaches, the ability for each student to set his or her own personal skill and fitness goals, and how PE has become to “come alive” for them.

“But most of all, I want to be able to get stronger like my friends who are taking your class. You see, I want to be able to volunteer the next time the river overflows – to be able to lift and carry the heavy sandbags. I want to be a hero.”

Register Now! In a few weeks, hundreds of physical education teachers and Central Office leaders from across the United States will gather at the 2013 National PE Institute to learn more about the numerous positive impacts that Physical Education provides to children and youth, how to take advantage of the motivational dynamics found in physical education, to learn more about the role of “Physical Literacy,” and to clarify numerous important issues, such as:

  • Why is Physical Education the “pill not taken?” as expressed by many leading PE scholars?
  • What is “Health-Based Physical Education?”
  • How can you make your PE classes “come alive” and “really stick” for your students?



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