Background: About a year ago, I spent several days with Jim Rich.  Jim is the former Adapted Physical Education Consultant for North Carolina and a well-known PE content-area specialist. As we were talking, Jim pointed out that planning is the most important part of working with all students, especially those who have special needs.  The more we talked, it became evident to me that planning may be the most overlooked area of teaching.  Before I headed back home, Jim shared with me his four C.A.R.E. Questions for physical education teachers.  Here they are:

Background: Planning is essential to developing a Quality Physical Education Program. From time-to-time, teachers should ask themselves the four C.A.R.E questions to see if they are headed in the right direction!

Question #1: What should be the focus of my lessons?

  • Answer: The state approved physical education CURRICULUM.

Question #2: How do you know if they have learned the curriculum?  

  • Answer: By the results of their ASSESSMENTS.

Question #3: What do you do if they didn’t learn it?

  • Answer: RE-TEACH it!

Question #4: What do you do if they already know it?

  • Answer: EXTEND the learning further.

Further Explanation:

  • What is to be Taught? The teacher must utilize the scope and sequence within the identified State PE curriculum.
  • How will it be Implemented? The variety of ways the teacher implements the lessons are critical to student learning.
  • What is to be Learned? The teacher initially sets expectations for learning by grade levels and with differentiated instruction by individuals.
  • How and what to Assessed is determined by what is expected to be learned. There may be multiple choices of modified assessments (rubrics) to assess learning within the same class.
  • Questions 3 and 4 get at the idea of Differentiated Instruction. When instruction is differentiated, there are suitable activities planned for students of all ability levels within the class.



One thought on “4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Teaching PE…

  1. Question 1….What should be the focus of my lessons?
    A: My students. What is meaningful to them. Their context. Our content. Significance. Enjoyment.

    Q2: How do you know if they have learned the curriculum?
    A: How do you know you can measure significant learning? What is learning? What is knowledge? What is success? Does short-term “learning” always lend itself to long-term learning or action?

    Q3: What do you do if they didn’t learn it?
    A: Re-think your lesson. Re-think your assessment. Re-think assessment in general. Let the kids design the lesson. Was the content engaging, significant, meaningful, enjoyable?

    Q4: What do you do if they already know it?
    A: Let them apply it. Let them adapt it (be creative, inventive). Let them teach it.

    Further explanation:
    Read these:





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