“Bold Like Braz” Poetry Contest! > It has been over 35 years since Ambrose “Braz” Brazelton wrote his famous “What Phys Ed Ain’t” poem seen below:


What Phys. Ed. Ain’t

Recess is when two times each day, the staff goes to smoke, the kids go to play.
They slide, they swing, they muddy their socks; they climb and jump and even throw rocks.
Boys tussle and wrestle, chase girls til they faint,
Recess is important, but Phys. Ed it Ain’t.

Recreation and leisure, essential I’m told, recreate the body, upgrade the soul.
Learn interesting past times for use when it rains, pursuits for all children, the Bobbys and Janes;
but no matter how structured, no matter how quaint, no matter how joyous,
Phys. Ed. It Ain’t.

Physical fitness proclaimed far and wide, vitality, vigor, pep in your stride.
Lift that barge and tote that bale, exercise daily, be hearty and hale.
Push up and sit up without complaint, in spite of its value,
Phys. Ed. It Ain’t.

Athletics and sports? Oh perish the thought. It’s horrid to think of the havoc we’ve wrought?
Shoot baskets, play baseball, hold that bat steady,
we make’em play football before they are ready.
Let’em be kids without rancor or taint. Athletics can’t hurt them, cause
Phys. Ed. It Ain’t.

Then what is Phys. Ed. If it ain’t the above? And what are the goals for the children we love?
An integral part of the total process, focused on personalized growth and success.
Striving to enhance through instructional giving, productive, efficient, harmonious living.


Here are the “Bold Like Braz” Contest Rules: Revise/update Braz’s poem in your own words. Each section should focus on a common misconception society has as what physical education is. For example is physical activity the same as physical education? Is something that is physical the same as physical education? Is something that is educational the same as physical education? etc. > Is anyone game to try this? If so, please post your entry as a Comment. Thanks!ambrose-brazelton


One thought on ““Bold Like Braz” Poetry Contest!

  1. “What Phys. Ed Ain’t”…..parphrased….by Don Puckett

    There was a time when twice a day, kids left the classroom, to go to play.

    Watched by teachers, but left on their own, with physical and social skills to hone.

    Moving as they saw fit, without much direction, left questions about, performance perfection.

    Creative play, can be a great tool, as children move forward, on this journey called school.

    But, professional advice and instruction, we know, ensure positive settings, for children to grow.

    Braz made the satement “What Phys. Ed. Ain’t”, giving us a canvas, for a picture to paint.

    Phys. Ed. exist, far and wide, but what’s offered within, makes our eyes open wide.

    Health problems abound, for the children we love, so our classes should take, attitudes above.

    Above what has been, and searching for change, means our instruction, has unlimited range.

    Work for the children, so they’ll work with each other, learning that good health, really isn’t a bother.

    Being skillful movers, is a worthy goal, but Phys. Ed. can offer, much more we’re told.

    Yes, Phys. Ed. is part of the total process, and can help to ensure, individual success.

    Individual success, will improve the future, as each child learns, to share with another.

    That’s what our goal for Phys. Ed. can be, making healthful living, something all can see.

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