Dear All: Two quick items… (1) The 2014 National PE Institute held last month in Asheville, North Carolina was a great success! Over 440 individuals were in attendance – largest crowd ever!  We were able to provide free LiveStream of each keynote and receive a massive Twitter-Feed as well for the event.  For an example of how we used these two technologies and their results, please see the two links below.
• PE Institute Twitter Mash-Up >  https://ncchw.unca.edu/content/2014-national-pe-institute-recap
• PEI Institute Social Media Results > https://www.hashtracking.com/reports/peinstitute14/PEinstitute14/NCCHW

(2) We would like to encourage each State to send small cadre of their State’s PE leadership to attend next year’s event to see how we use Social Media in action! I have attached a copy of next year’s flyer.
• We will provide a one-time $100 fee reduction ($175 versus $275/person) to each State AHPERD/SHAPE organization sending new participants to next year’s Institute.
• Up to 4 folks.
• Not valid for past PE Institute participants.

Just let us know if this is something of interest to you!  Thanks!!

— Artie5.0 NPEI_FLYER_2015


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