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“Thank you Artie for starting this conversation. I’d like to give you a little context about who I am and what PHYSedagogy is all about. First, I teach in Oregon–and have taught PE for 6 years (mostly at the middle level.) Currently, I am not in the classroom–I am serving as a teacher on special assignment in my district managing a rather large grant that is about educational reform that is teacher led. I moderate the pacific time zone session of ‪#‎pechat‬ and I started PHYSEDagogy in March of 2013. I have learned a lot and the site has grown quite a bit in the past 19 months. We now have a team of 6 contributors and as time goes on, I see that number continuing to grow. Before I tell you what we are, here is what we are not:

1. We are not a business or brand.
2. We don’t make any money. (If anything, we lose money, because we have spent a very small amount on website fees and hosting)
3. Everyone who contributes is a volunteer who does so at their own pace and their own time.
4. We have no desire to change any of the above three.

Now, with that out of the way–here is what we actively strive to be:

1. It started as a blog, but has morphed into a community where we can discuss and reflect on best practices inside the modern physical education classroom–we are professionals, but by no means experts. We always want to learn more.
2. We believe in the power of crowd sourcing and tapping into the collective knowledge of the profession who are active through social media.
3. We want to continue to grow–and grow with people who 1. have a passion for what they do 2. care about advancing the PE profession 3. are representative of the students who we serve

Now about the #PhysEdSummit. It was the idea of Matt Pomeroy, Collin Brooks, Naomi Hartl and William Bode (who is outside the PHYSEDagogy team). The idea was that we wanted to try flipping traditional professional development on its head. Similar to an EdCamp with slightly more structure.

Everything about this PD opportunity is free – from the sessions offered to the guest speakers presenting (we are not paying them). The whole idea of the #PhysEdSummit is to crowdsource a virtual conference. This is an opportunity for the online PE community to come together to create a conference that will meet the PD needs of all ‪#‎pegeeks‬!

That’s the official description on our website. Will it be successful? We have no idea–but, we want to try something new and see what happens.

We crowdsourced what people were interested in for topics–and had almost 200 responses within a week. We now have a call for proposals out with the topics people identified as wanting to learn about. If you are interested in facilitating a session, by all means feel free to submit a proposal: http://physedagogy.com/2014/09/27/call-for-proposals/

What I am particularly interested in is our roundtable discussions–and the purpose of this e-mail. As I mentioned in my earlier e-mail to Artie–I value Twitter for professional development–but, it is not a true representation of the many professionals and the thousands of students in our schools who come from different cultures, identities, life experiences, genders and races. Some people in education are afraid to have conversations about equity, I am not. I am looking to connect with more professionals in PE who are representative of the students who we serve and I would love it if you or people you know would be willing to participate on a round table discussion. The round table will be broadcasted live on YouTube and we want to take the time to reflect and learn from each other as professionals, celebrate how we have been successful and be transparent about where we want to get better to serve our communities, our students and families. All of us have been shaped in life through our experiences–and those experiences are what I want to bring together through these round tables.

If you have any questions or are interested, please send me back an e-mail. I look forward to connecting with you.

Adam Howell
TOSA | Collaboration Grant Coordinator | 541.387.5706 | @adamphowell
Hood River County School District
Hood River, Oregon 97031

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