About Our Company: The Great Activities Publishing Company was founded in 1982 by Artie & Elizabeth Kamiya.  The company’s first product was the Great Activities Newspaper, a magazine developed so more physical education teachers could share their “great activities” with others.

Publishing & Consulting Firm: At the present time, about 3,000 physical education teachers subscribe to this publication which has been expanded to include middle school physical education as well. Today, the Great Activities Publishing Company has published scores of great physical education books, conducted hundreds of physical education workshops, and has helped tens of 1000’s of physical education teachers across the United States with new and innovative products/services such as the PEP Club (Physical Education Prestige).

Great Activities Publishing Company

PO Box 51158

Durham, North Carolina 27717

(800) 927-0682

Fax: (919) 490-3062

2 thoughts on “Our Company!

  1. I am headed to CAHPERD and was interested in your preconference talk on Thursday unfortunately I don’t fly in on time. Are you giving any smaller sessions throughout the weekend?


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